Restore in-app purchase

Last Updated: Oct 06, 2017

This article shows you how to activate the full version of Manga Rock on a new device for FREE, provided that you have purchased the app before. Please note the restore processes for iOS and Android are different. 

IMPORTANT:  Please be informed that you CANNOT transfer in-app purchase from iOS to Android or vice versa. Check this article to know why.

A. Version availability

B. How-to guide


Version Availability 
  • iOS: 4.0 and above
  • Android Definitive & Play Store: 3.0 and above

How-to Guide
Depending on your device platform, the steps involved are slightly different. Select your version below for detailed instructions:

Instructions for iOS

The in-app purchase in Manga Rock for iOS is tied to iTunes account. Once you bought the full version, you can unlock the app again in any iOS device for FREE.
To unlock your in-app purchase again, please follow the steps below:
  1. Make sure that your in-app purchase restriction is OFF
  2. Restore in-app purchase

1. Make sure that your in-app purchase restriction is OFF

Step 1:
On the iOS device, open the Settings screen. Tap General, and then tap Restrictions.


Step 2:
Tap the option to Enable Restrictions. Enter and then re-enter a Restrictions passcode.


Step 3:
By default, all of the apps and services are allowed. If your in-app purchase is restricted, tap OFF its button.
2. Restore in-app purchase
Step 1:
Download the Manga Rock app in your new device.
Step 2:
Open Manga Rock and the app will be auto-resumed as full version.
Step 3:
If the app won't automatically activate the full version: Go to Account tab > Select Upgrade To Premium Account

Step 4:
Enter the same Apple ID and password to upgrade/ restore the full version.

Instructions for Android Definitive & Play Store

The in-app purchase in Manga Rock for Android is tied to Google account and Manga Rock Cloud. Once you bought the full version, you can unlock the app again in any Android device for FREE.
IMPORTANT: You need to have a Manga Rock account. If you don't have an account yet, you can follow this guide to create one

Please follow the step-by-step guides below for two scenarios:

Scenario #1: If you have a Manga Rock Cloud account and have logged in before
Step 1:
Open Manga Rock app’s side menu. Tap on “Add an account”.

Step 2:
Log in with your Manga Rock account, the app will activate the full version automatically.

There can be a rare "extreme" case that you already have the maximum 5 devices linked with your account. In this case, you need to unlink some devices to make room for the new one.
Check this article to learn how to unlink devices from your account.
Then you can log in and link the new device to get the premium version.
Scenario #2: If you can't remember your Manga Rock Cloud account
Step 1:
Send us an email to with your original Google / Paypal receipt, i.e. your proof of payment for the full version.
Check this article to learn how to send the correct Google / Paypal receipt
Step 2:
We will activate the full version for you and let you know via email.
Step 3:
Log out and log in to Manga Rock Cloud. Now the app will turn to full version again.
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