Add Batoto account to Manga Rock

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2017

Version Availability 

  • iOS 4.2 & above

Why you should add Batoto Account?

Batoto requires users to sign in with Batoto account to locate and manually download chapters. For your convenience, you can provide Manga Rock with your Batoto login details so that the app will automatically download content when required. By doing this, you don't have to sign in again next time.

Please note that your information is safe as your Batoto account password is stored on your device locally instead of Manga Rock server.

Plus, you can easily manage your Batoto account in Manga Rock: 

For Android: Click on the   icon > Choose  to open Settings > Personalized > Add or Remove Batoto Account

For iOS: Go to Account > Advance Settings > Add or Remove Batoto Account 


If you are having trouble signing in with Batoto Account, it is because:

You applied wrong username or password 

In this case, please Try Again with the correct information

You used to sign in Batoto with Twitter

In this case, please go to the website:  and create a password for your account with username is your Twitter username.

You haven't registered a Batoto account yet

In this case, please choose Cancel then go to the website: to get a new one.
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