Introducing Enhanced Downloader in iOS 4.4

Last Updated: May 31, 2018

In this major update, we completely redesign the Downloader from the ground up. Our goal was to give you more control over the way you manage your downloads, and make the feature not only works reliably, but also a joy to use.

Here’s the list of some major changes, tap for details:

Auto delete read chapters

Want to save up your data storage? Turn this on to auto delete read chapters of individual manga or all downloaded manga.

NOTE: A chapter is marked as "Read" once you actively close manga viewer or move to next chapter. The next time you open the app, read chapters are auto deleted.

To auto delete read chapters of individual manga:

In Download Details section > tap  icon > Auto delete read chapters

To auto delete all read chapters in your downloads:

Open Account > Advanced Settings > Always turn on Auto Delete

Auto download new chapters

No more manually update & download new chapters. Simply turn on this function & the app will automatically do it for you.

Choose between auto download individual manga or all manga from your Downloads & Favorites.

To auto download individual manga:

In Download Details > tap  icon > Auto download new chapters

To auto download all manga from Downloads & Favorites (premium only):

Go to Account > Advanced Settings > Auto Download New Chapters

Empty manga section

Consequently, as you can turn on “Auto download new chapters”, an empty manga state will come in handy. This section keeps all downloaded manga that have no chapter so that the app can automatically resume downloading when new chapters are available! 

NOTE: An empty manga takes up 1 slot but you can delete it & free up that slot. 

New download interface

More sections are added to the main screen to let you manage your downloads easier: 

  • Empty Manga: shows all manga with no chapter. Tap on each empty manga to manually download more or turn on auto download

  • Auto delete read chapters: show all chapters that are about to be deleted

  • Manga downloaded with slots: shows all manga that are downloaded by slots

Download progress bar 

A quick look to keep track with your downloading status & time remaining to download. 

Notify Failed Chapters 

With chapters that failing to download, simply tap on Detail to Identify Problem, Retry or Delete it.

Finished downloading notification

Get notified once your manga finished downloading & ready to read!

There you go! Enjoy the new downloader, and let us know what you think!
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