Account Migration

Last Updated: Jun 28, 2018

Learn how Account Migration lets you address all the common problems with the current Manga Rock account, and the benefits of the new account system.

Problems with existing account system

The need to migrate your account to the new system

Benefits of the new system

Problems with existing account system

There are many problems with the current Manga Rock account system: can’t backup & restore, failed to log in, can’t change linked email, can’t receive email verification, can’t delete account or can’t sync across devices etc.

These issues are caused by our account backend servers called Parse. Parse was previously owned & maintained by Facebook, but they dropped support for it more than 2 years ago. After that, we have started hosting & maintaining Parse ourselves since. 

We are aware that there are many limitations with Parse server when it comes to account-related activities. Even though our team has been attempting to address those problems, you still have to encounter many downtimes. 

Migrate your account from Parse server to Firebase

We have decided to use Firebase from Google as our new account backend system. Given that it’s being constantly maintained & supported by Google, Firebase possess many advantages over Parse & migrating our Account system to it has many benefits for users.

Benefits of Firebase account

  • New backup & restore: You will have 5 backup slots instead on the current 1 slot. With the support of multiple versions of backups on Firebase, your data is safer than ever!

    NOTE: Your legacy backup before migrating is automatically saved until you decide to manually delete it.

    For iOS 

    For Android

  • The foundation for new enhancements: Firebase account allows you to fully experience new features coming in the future such as synchronize data across devices & many more.
  • Improve stability & app performance 

  • Better account security

For more questions about account migration, feel free to send your message to our in-app support or our email
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