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Add-ons: Artworks

Last Updated: Sep 09, 2017 10:35AM ICT

Artworks by Manga Rock are hand-picked, weekly-updated collections of gorgeous, high-res anime-manga character artworks. This is a fun add-on exclusive for Android, and you can use rocks to unlock and save these artworks to your device or set as wallpapers. 

This article shows you how to access, browse and unlock artworks on Manga Rock Android. 

A. Version availability

B. How-to Guide


Version Availability

Android Definitive and Play Store: 3.0 and above

How-to Guide

1. Access Artworks Add-on

2. Browse all available artworks

3. Purchase/Unlock Artworks

4. Check the purchased artworks

5. Get notification of new artworks

1. To access Artworks add-on: 

Step 1: Open the Manga Rock app’s side menu.
Step 2: Under “Add-ons”, tap on Artworks to open Artworks screen.        

2. To browse all available artworks: 

In Artworks screen, go to New or Popular tab. 

3. To purchase/ unlock artworks:  

Note: You need to have an account to purchase/ unlock artworks.

Step 1: Tap on the artworks of your choice. Select “Unlock for 5 rocks”. 

Note: If you don’t have enough rocks, you can check this article about how to earn more rocks.

Step 2: Tap Unlock on “Confirm unlock” prompt.

Step 3: Once the image finishes downloading, you can choose to save it to your device’s gallery or directly set it as wallpaper.

‚Äč4. To check the artworks you have purchased: 

Note: You need to log in your account to check your purchased artworks. 

In Artworks screen, go to Unlocked tab.     

5. To get notification of new artworks:

Step 1: Open the Manga Rock app’s side menu.
Step 2: Tap on Settings icon to open Settings screen.

Step 3: Under "User Settings", tap on “Notifications”. Switch ON "New Artworks".
You will then get notified when new artworks appear in our collection. 


You can refer to this article to customize other notifications.
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